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  • Welcome to Little Splashes Swim School

    Hampton Inn Pool Closed until further notice due to COVID

    Little Splashes will be offering travel swim lessons in July & August in private heated pools.

    Tuesday & Thursday 10am-12pm & 2pm-5pm /Wednesdays 10am-2pm 



    • Parent-n-Baby Class

      Come learn with your little one!

    • Semi-Private Lessons

      This is a required lesson for all beginners.

    • Group Lessons

      Bring your little one to a group lesson!

    • Private Lessons

      Is your little one afraid of the water? This is the lesson for you.

  • Benefits

    • Parent Bonding

      Little Splashes makes every lesson personalized and swim instruction for students at any age can learn a life-saving swimming skills. Bonds are created with patience and love with the instructor and student to have successful learning.

    • Water Confidence

      Little Splashes provides structured lesson plans with fun, affection, patience, and smiles. Every child has a different learning skill and every lesson is approached knowing everyone is unique.

    • Social Interaction & Play

      Having fun while learning is a major goal of each lesson. Studies demonstrate that spending time in the pool helps babies become more self-confident and intelligent (yes, really!).

    • Coordination & Motor Skills

      Remember drowning is silent.

  • Our Classes


    Little Splashes caters to developmental milestones: explore, experience, educate

    Little Splashes makes every lesson personalized and swim instruction for students at any age can learn life-saving swimming skills. Bonds are created with patience and love with the instructor and student to have successful learning.

    Summer Registration TBA depending on CDC guidelines , traveling instructor only 

    Ages 3 months-6yrs beginner/Intermediate levels.

                                                                                                     In the fall we will move into monthly memberships!! 

  • Tuesdays / Thursdays – both days required


    Session 1 – July 7-23 
    Session 2 – July 28-August 13

    4 Lessons

    Session 3 – August 18-27

  • Wednesday- Privates Only 3 months-4yrs Beginner only 

    4 Sessions 15 min lesson
    Session 1 – July 8-29
    Session 2 – August 5-26


  • Prices 6 Lessons
    Parent/Baby $120 25 min 4:1
    Semi-private $150 20 min 2:1
    Private $180 15 min 1:1

  • Prices-4 Lessons 
    Parent/Baby $80 25 min 4:1 
    Semi-private $100 20 min 2:1 
    Private $120 15 min 1:1


    • Parent-n-Baby Class
      6:1 ratio
      • 3 months - 24 months
      • Class time 30 minutes
    • Semi-Private - Otters, Goldfish
      2:1 Ratio
      • 16 months - 5 years old
        Year olds
      • 20 min
        Class time
    • Group -Jellyfish, Shark
      3:1 Ratio
      • 2.5 - 5 year olds
        Year olds
      • 25 min
        Class time
    • Pre-swim team - Whales
      4:1 Ratio
      • 5 - 7 year olds
        Year olds
      • 30 min
        Class time
  • Meet the Instructors

    These Hood River instructors have been teaching swimming since their early teens.


  • Little Splashes has three teachers and one assistant with experience in early childhood care.

  • Each instructor is specialized and bring their strengths to Little Splashes to help all children & parents. 

    • Hannah
      Instructor & Founder


      Instructor & Founder

      Hannah has been teaching since the age of 14 starting as a volunteer at the local hood river pool. She grew up swimming first learning as an infant from her mother, also a swim instructor. She swam competitively from ages five to college. Starting Little Splashes in her backyard at 16. She has served as a lifeguard, swim instructor, special olympics, swim coach, a camp counselor, and a nanny. She is trained and certified through YMCA, WSI, NSSA, CPR certified, and is training in WATSU (water massage).

      Hannah has worked and volunteered at schools around the world for the last 20 years. Her approach to swimming is first the respect of water and bringing the love of water to the families in her community. She uses flower remedies, essential oils, and crystals to bring balance to the water and her students.

      Hannah is a solo mama to her 3yr old son Saylor, she relocated back to Hood River in 2015 to raise her son close to her family. Her passion is being in her community teaching swimming and yoga! She was awarded a scholarship to the United States Swim School Association conference this September 2018 in Las Vegas. She will be training in more infant/toddler swimming.

    • Sarah



      Sarah began teaching swim lessons alongside her mother at the age of 13. At 16, she got a job at the local swimming pool as a lifeguard and quickly trained to become an instructor. Throughout the years Sarah has taught at multiple pools around Oregon and Washington. Nowadays, during the school year, you can find Sarah teaching at the Hood River Pool.

      Having grown up along the Columbia River, swimming was always a passion and past time. Teaching others the joys and safety of swimming is what drives Sarah, along with the love of the water.

      Sarah has experience teaching babies all the way up to adults. Having a 5-year-old son herself, she also knows the struggles and pure joy young children can bring to any new adventure. Her teaching technique mirrors this idea. Not all individuals learn the same way, it’s tuning into each person’s interests and goals that help keep everyone focused.  Sarah works on water safety and then stroke refinement. The most important part of her teaching is to have fun when learning.

    • My daughter Mia adores the environment that Hannah creates in her class as well as Hannah herself. Little Splashes is always in our activities schedule Fall, Winter, and Summer!

      Elizabeth A.
    • Swim lessons with Little Splashes has only been a positive experience for our family. Hannah is aware of different learning styles and abilities, and sets the right pace and tone for each individual child.

      Mallory & Trevor
    • We love Hannah and her swim school! Miss Hannah sings songs with the kids, plays swim games and teaches me how to make water fun and safe.

      Kelly K
    • What do you want to tell Miss Hannah? “She’s the best teacher in the whole wide world!”

      Addison Joy H.
    • Tell me about swimming with Hannah. “I didn’t know how to do backstroke and she showed me and helped me with it. And other times when I couldn’t get it she helped me.”

    • What do you like about swimming with Hannah? “I like the sharks and the mermaids. I like swimming across with Hannah.”

    • What do you like doing in the pool with Hannah? “Doing backstroke and doing a big jump in the water with the hula hoop.”

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