Levels & Prices

Classes run 15 minutes-30 minutes depending on ages. This fall Hannah is teaching very beginner & intermediate levels. All Tuesday/Thursday must be attended both days for  the beginner classes. Wednesday’s are for baby/parent & private classes. We have learned over years of teaching coming twice a week have much better results in all areas. Remember this is life saving skill that will last a lifetime!
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 Otters: New swimmers with possible fears, tears, parent seperation, new to listening & following directions. Ages 12m-2yrs ( must have completed baby/parent class with Hannah) 2:1 ratio 

Goldfish :2.5-4yrs -Not yet swimming, may have tears or fears, learning to listen & follow directions. 2:1 Ratio 20 min class 

Jellyfish: 3yrs-5yrs -swimming with assistance , completed goldfish classes with Hannah . Confident in water ! 3:1 ratio 20 min class

Whales: Intermediate swimmer that can follow directions, confident in jumping in. Ages 3yrs-6yrs 4:1 Ratio 25 min class 

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Baby/parent classes 5 students to one teacher  ( now 30 minutes)

4 lessons $80 30 minute lessons

Private lessons 1:1 ratio

4 lessons $120 15 minute lesson ages 3m-2,5yrs

Semi-Private Otters,Goldfish 2:1 Ratio

4 lessons $100 25 minute lesson

Group Jellyfish 3:1 ratio

4 lessons $80 25 minute lesson

Group Whale 4:1 ratio

4 lessons 25 minute lesson

Otter fish