• What age should a child start swim lessons?
    Our swim lessons are available for children 3 months to 6 years old.   No matter what age your child is, it is NEVER too late to start swim lessons.  If you have an older child with fears please email Hannah for further information.

    What is the student instructor ratio?
    We provide small, intimate class sizes to help ensure a safe environment for your child to learn to swim.  Our Group Lessons have a maximum of 3 students to 1 instructor- one of the lowest ratios in the industry.  Our Beginner Lessons have a class ratio of 2 students to 1 instructor.  Our Private Lessons provide one-on-one instruction.

    Can I do Drop-ins or just pay for classes we can attend? 
    Unfortunately no, this is a very small business that is only open a few months out of the year with limited days & hours.  This is how I can keep the student instructor ratio so small. Any classes missed the money goes into the scholarship fund that goes to 8 families a season. In the baby/parent classes you can gift or sale your spot to a friend for the classes you will miss. The benefits for swimming 2x a week is much more beneficial then one.

    What Swim diapers do you suggest? 

    NOT the disposable one’s. You can check out suits here & order through me! These are the only diapers I have found that keep accidents out of the pool! If your child gets cold in the water the wet suits are amazing! https://us.splashabout.com/

    Dry Drowning….

    Please take the time to read some of these articles if this is a concern or fear for you. In all my years of training this has never occurred and many cases called “dry drowning” were in fact not the case.




    How long are the lessons?
    Lessons run 15min-30 min
    Hannah has found after 20 years of teaching this to be the optimum length of time for focused learning and fun for young children.

    What chemicals are used in the heated pool?
    This is a salt water pool that uses minimal chlorine ( a scoop a week if needed) and essential oils is added for cleanliness. Hannah also adds her own blends of flower remedies to the pool. You are welcome to ask her about these.

    What temperature is the pool?
    Hampton Inn is kept at 88 degrees

    Why Swim Caps?
    Swim caps keep the pool much cleaner and saves time on getting hair out of the way. They are washed nightly and available this year to purchase your own.

    What is the parent portal?
    When you register you will be given your log in information. Here you view your classes & balance owed. You cannot change your class without teachers permission.

    What is your make-up policy & refund policy? 
    MAKEUP POLICY: NO MAKE UPS. You are responsible for payment for your student’s classes WHETHER OR NOT YOUR STUDENT ATTENDS. We offer a low student to teacher ration ratio, missed classes will not result in make-up classes, prorated tuition or refunds. There are still many expenses for the facility and Instructors. No refunds for classes missed including your chosen holiday. Every effort to fairly handle absences due to serious illness will be taken.  We have 4 Mother Nature days a year. Classes cancelled due to snow, ice, fires etc will not be made up as we still have to cover the expenses for those days. IF I have a sick day Sarah Roth is the fill in teacher or I will make up that day.

    *No refunds will be given* Once we have reserved the time slot for you, that spot is considered sold and is no longer marketable. Please feel free to give or sell your child’s time slot to a family member or friend if the lessons cannot be made. Kindly understand that when scheduling lessons it is your responsibility to make sure that vacation, appointments, and health concerns do not interfere with your scheduled lessons.